Common Disposal Bin Rental Questions

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Disposal Bin Rentals

What's the difference between Dumpster vs. Disposal Bin?

The difference between a dumpster and a disposal bin is only the name. Depending on where you are from different parts of Canada, USA & World call them differently. Some common names… Boxes, Bins, Dumpsters, Cans, Roll-Off, Hook Lifts, Canister, Lugger. If we missed some send us a message.

What's the smallest disposal bin rental?

The smallest disposal bin 1-833-GET-BINS offers is A mini bin 6 yard bin which is 5 feet wide x 2.5 feet high and 12 feet long. This bin is perfect for small jobs and tight spaces. It is also the preferred bin size for residential landscape work. It is low to the ground which makes it easily accessible from any side and is perfect for jobs that require you to dump material into the bin using a wheelbarrow.

What happens if I fill the bin and need another?

Sometimes your project requires several disposal bins to complete. This is something 1-833-GET-BINS is asked about routinely and is what we refer to as an exchange or swap out. After your first bin rental order, all your order details are easy accessible in our self managed client portal, from there you can request pick-up, exchange or swap-out; also view your invoices and weight tickets. You are also welcome to call / text or email an exchange. When an exchange or swap-out is requested, we usually send out an empty bin to the location and pick up the loaded bin at the same time. We will assume you want the empty bin placed in the same location unless otherwise requested.

Can I place the disposal bin rental on the lawn?

All disposal bins are to be placed on a flat level surface for the safety of all users.

We prefer not to place bins on the lawn or grass, but if a customer approves of this, we will fulfil their request. Please note that we will not be responsible for any damage to the lawn or any curbs that are needed for access.

Do I need to be home for the bin delivery?

You are not required to be home when the bin is being delivered. Your dedicated driver will send you an “on the way” text or message, and you will receive a delivered notification once the disposal bin is delivered. Our drivers have your instructions for bin placement on our driver app.

How long can we keep the bin rental?

Our average general disposal bin rentals are for 7 days, additional days are charged $20 per day. We have flexible rental options for customers who need shorter or longer rental periods.

We do offer contractors special rates & rental periods. Also we have exceptions for multiple bin rentals on a case by case.

What size of bin should I get?

General home renovations consist mostly of bulky, light material such as drywall, wood, etc. For this we typically recommend a bin of at least large bin. Ceramic & laminate flooring tends to be much heavier and depending on the amount a medium size bin would be recommended.

If you are looking for clean fill for landscaping and need to remove topsoil, dirt, concrete, etc. then we suggest our 6 yard landscaping bin.

What You Need To Know

How high can I fill the bin?

All our bins have a safety limit on how high it can be filled. Very simply it’s the top wall rails. A maximum loading level sticker is on every bin so no confusion.

Can a mini disposal bin damage my driveway?

Yes, however our drivers are professionally trained on bin loading, unloading and delivery protocols. We keep a high standard of practice by reducing damage to properties by placing safety pads/blocks under our disposal bins to minimize potential damage.

Can I park the bin on the street?

Certain municipalities allow bins to be placed on the street while others do not. You may require a road occupancy permit. Please check with your local municipality before parking a bin on the road.

What happens if the bin is over loaded?

We are not legally allowed to carry a disposal bin that is over loaded above the side walls. If debris were to fall off and damage another vehicle or hurt a pedestrian it would lead to fines and hurt someone.

You would have the option to either move the overloaded material to another bin (additional bin rental would be required) or remove the material and leave it onsite.

We offer a full service for overloaded bins and would remove the material at a $150 per hour with 1 hour minimum plus the cost of an additional disposal bin rental.

What we do NOT accept in our bins?

We cannot take hazardous waste such as propane tanks, batteries, paint, asbestos, oil, solvents, or bio-medical waste. If you’re not certain whether your materials are hazardous, please ask for a complete list of materials that we are not allowed to take.

Will the disposal bin leave rust marks on the driveway?

It’s a common problem with the larger roll-off style trucks & disposal bins or older bins that have not been well maintained. Our disposal bins are super clean and are freshly painted every 2 years or as needed. They are rust proofed so the bottoms will not leave rust stains on your driveway.

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